printed matter

June 29, 2018

Wearing the ‘Lonely in Marrakech‘ bag designed by Isabelle Feliu and carrying an ‘Shape Study 14‘ iPhone7 case by This Weekend Studio

I’ve always been graphically inclined. Perhaps it began with early exposure to Sanrio stationary when I was 5, an introduction to graphics that has fed into my obsession with typography, print, color and paperweight. Since then I have been seeking out objects that captures and expresses these visual cravings. Enter Society 6: a market place that curates items designed by artists from around the world, from fine art prints, home goods, tech accessories and apparel. Society 6 is graphic enthusiasts’ dream come true. The product selection is wide and varied, here there’s an object for every art niche.

Terrazza Shower Curtain and Shape Study #14 Bath Mat

Objects that are typically limited in character or personality is the range that Society 6 offers best. My bathroom has always been my least favorite part of my loft, since there was little much I could do to customize a bathroom where the materials were designed to be as cost-effective as possible. I was decided to dress it up with some quirky prints from This Weekend Studio and was thrilled to find what a difference some bright graphics could do to transform a space.

This post was created in collaboration with Society 6. All views and opinions are my own.