lust for los angeles launch

February 19, 2019

I can’t believe it guys – I’m a published author! A year and a half ago I had an idea of writing a love letter to Los Angeles. It all started when I visited Arclight in Los Feliz. As I skimmed through the ‘Los Angeles’ section, I found there wasn’t a modern city guide written by a local through a global lens. One of the greatest privileges of my job is I get to travel extensively, but no matter where I go, Los Angeles is where I like to call home. I had a vision to create a road map to Los Angeles which explored the unique aspects of its culture beyond the cliches of surfing and Hollywood. This curiosity led me to move to New York for 6 months, and through the course of that summer, I interviewed different authors to learn more about the process. That summer had also coincided with a messy and painful break-up, and it felt as if my personal life fell in shambles.  (I will admit, getting personal about my relationships have never seeped into the contents of this site, and regrettably, it won’t start now,). To make a long story short, the experience left me devastated. But it also gave me a new lease on life, and I set an intention to make no more excuses to pursue things that I was afraid of: and this book, as daunting and foreign as it was, was on top of my list.

I moved back to Los Angeles at the end of 2017, and over a casual breakfast catch up with my friend Jesse, mentioned my struggle about securing a publisher who understood my vision for a book. Jesse ran an agency just a few blocks from my apartment in Los Angeles – and this side conversation over scrambled eggs defined the moment that Lust for Los Angeles began to flesh out. I had moved across the country in search of a publisher, only to come home and find it in my own neighborhood. It’s these moments of serendipity that define the magic of living in Los Angeles for me, and how chance encounters can lead to risks and exciting new opportunities.

I’m not going to lie – leading up to the event, I was so nervous that I was struck with insomnia. But the moment Tuesday arrived, I let go of my phone to completely absorb the moment in full and celebrate the night with my guests. We celebrated the launch of the book with a preview at the Chateau Marmont, complete with a tarot card reader and an open bar with adaptogen options.

I wore Rodarte, a designer-duo I’ve admired as long as I’ve been interested in fashion. Coincidentally Rodarte hosted their first runway show in Los Angeles just hours before my book launch. It wouldn’t be a true LA party without some spliffs. A huge thank you to Grey Goose for teaming up with us on creating a cocktail menu of drinks created in Los Angeles, and Legacy Brands for making sure our guests went home with some pre-rolls.

Lust for Los Angeles is offically available for pre-order here, and select stockists beginning in March.