a zen zone

February 1, 2017

Three simple steps to staying sane this year:

1. Delete the Facebook app from your phone. You can also use an effective device called Self-Control that can temporarily block out whatever apps or sites you need a distraction from. Awareness is good, but let’s face it, Facebook at the moment feels like an endless of ocean of impending anxiety waiting at every scroll.

2. Go on a Hike. Immerse yourself in nature. In the never ending stream of opinion and news online, seeing the sun rise and set again is a kind reminder that life goes on.

3. Pick up a book. My best escape hatch is diving into a book, and humor has been my best medicine. I’ve been tuning into a lot of comedic writers like B.J. Novak and Aziz Ansari, and instead of binge reading the NY Times, find more amusement at the little things.

If you’re fatigued by the news, here are some more ideas on how to start your Media Diet via The New York Times.