jo malone london school

February 5, 2018

I admit, I’m a bit of an Anglophile. My entrance to intrigue with British culture started in middle school, when I began listening to bands like The Smiths and The Cure. It segued into what launched my interest in personal style, as I combed through early images of mods in England, re-interpreting the inspiration as literal, as my pre-teen self headed to the beach in stockings and boots as if I were in Brighton instead of Orange County. Consequently, my affinity has developed into a fondness towards London and British culture. These trips to Blighty have always maintained a rosy halo in my memory. They are trips consisting of Sunday roasts, late night pub crawls, and wondering if I’d have a chance encounter with Hugh Grant while exploring Notting Hill.

There are certain sights and scents that remind me of these memories. Often, it’s a flickering Jo Malone London candle burning in the backdrop. The fresh floral notes of their fragrances have become synonymous to these experiences, capturing the gardens of England one match strike at a time.

Naturally, when Jo Malone London invited us to London for a British-immersion, I couldn’t be more thrilled. Our experience was split between two parts. Day one was packed with activities ranging from pint-pulling lessons at a haunted pub, to high tea in Marylebone.Day two kicked off Jo Malone London School where the brand’s Global headquarters are located in Marylebone. The Townhouse was transformed into a classroom setting, complete with lockers, a homeroom, and a cafeteria. The curriculum immersed us in the heritage of the brand as well as channeled our creativity through arts and crafts.

To conclude the trip, Jo Malone London Girl Poppy Delevingne hosted a quiz to put our wits to a test. Our team, The #Peonies, passed with flying colors.

This post was created in collaboration with Jo Malone London. All thoughts and views are my own.