downtown dining

January 22, 2015

There are two things that drew me to living in the Historic Core neighborhood of Downtown LA: The first is the spacious, floor to window lofts that are unfound anywhere else in the city, the second is the burgeoning restaurant culture that’s taking shape. Living in proximity to some of the best chefs and meals in town is not something I’ve taken for granted, so it’s only appropriate that I break down some of my favorite places that I not only visit for picture purposes, but genuinely frequent on a weekly basis. Here’s the list.1. Baco Mercat: My most frequented stop on the list and home to the most delicious flat breads in the city. The menu is rich with flavor that pays an homage to Spanish fusion. / 2. Yxta Cocina: Unassuming on the facade, Yxta is one of those hidden gems located in the industrial no man’s land between Downtown LA and the Arts District. The ingredients are fresh and will leave you second-guessing your favorite taco stand.  / 3. The Commissary: Technically in the outskirts of Downtown LA, but still a worthy mention. The Commissary approaches food and a restaurant experience in a way that only the eclectic creators of the Line Hotel can create. The menu steer towards vegetarian friendly options with a Korean/Mexican flavor palette.  / 4. Zinc Cafe: One of my favorite places for lunch meetings and a no-fuss  no-brainer if roaming the Arts District. The menu caters to a California Cafe variety, where you can get a sandwich, burrito bowl and a traditional American breakfast / 5. Redbird: One of my new favorite restaurants by Neal Fraser, which has a menu rooted in California cuisine but taken with a distinctly unique approach with the wide range of ingredients used from a multitude of influences. Some of my favorite dishes include the foie gras and delicata squash. / 6. Terroni: Located in one of the most breath-taking buildings in Downtown and home to the most exquisite black truffle pasta that I once ate four days in a row / 7. Eggslut: Front and center at Grand Central Market, Eggslut’s sandwiches are memorable for their soft brioche bun and the savory combo of meat and a warm poached egg. To avoid the three hour queue for a sandwich, drop by during the work week before or after the lunch crowd rolls in.  / 8. And when all is said and done, Redbird gets another honorable mention for an off the chart dessert menu that resembles art more than food.