disco ball dressing

December 31, 2019

With the year coming to a close, there are more ways than one to end it with a bang. The holidays, with all its excess, is the perfect occasion to dress a little more extra than usual. My top contender for a night out is a metallic silver look, in the form of a Paco Rabanne chain dress or a Chanel cream eyeshadow. High gloss metallics have been my quick ticket to polishing up for a party, mainly because it’s a far departure from a daytime routine that consists mostly of moisturizer and lip balm. It’s an instant-brightener, and one desperately needed in these dark winter months.

The obsession started when a Pat McGrath make-up artist recommended trying out a ‘Euphoria’ inspired look for a Harper’s Bazaar party back in September. Getting ready was an immediate booster for a Netflix-leaning introvert like me. With bright white shimmer and a stark silver liner, the look felt fresh and fabulous, and immediately put me in the mood to go out dancing. Perhaps that’s the real trick to RSVP season and the month of over-socializing, and since we’re neck-deep in December, I’ve spotlighted all of my favorite products for disco ball dressing (and beauty looks worth leaving the house for.) 

For Silver Screen beauty:


For Disco Ball Dressing: