the stahl house

June 17, 2013

Even though jet setting around the globe is a romantic idea that universally fires hearts and imagination, over the course of this summer I’ve began to take an unconventional approach to “travel” by exploring what my backyard has to offer. A Lyft driver summed up perfectly what I’ve began to felt and believe this summer. He said “Traveling can be overrated. There are so many parts of this city you can explore where you’ll meet and experience something completely different from the rest.” I’m lucky to call Los Angeles my home, and nothing solidified this appreciation more than a trip to the iconic Stahl House. Whereas in the past few years in I’ve been completely consumed by wanderlust and the itch to be anywhere but home, I’ve finally began to explore and re-discover all the different scenes and view points that this city has to offer, and for once it feels like the constant longing of wanting to be anywhere but “here” makes me feel like I’m living in the present. But that’s a lie. The Stahl House is one of those places that makes you dream about the future that lies ahead.