the new zealand daily herald

September 17, 2012

Inside The Daily Herald’s “Spy” Section. No matter how often I find my photos published in a magazine or newspaper, it never fails to make me feel startled and surreal once a tangible copy lands in my hands. And if finding a photo of yourself splashed across the morning paper doesn’t make you feel welcome in a foreign country, I don’t know what will! Thank you so much to everyone who hosted me out for New Zealand Fashion Week, namely Anna, Nicky, Calvin, along with all the amazing hosts who made settling into Auckland feel like such a breeze. The accommodations with Sofitel Hotel and private drivers from BMW was such a world class experience, and one of the few New Zealand spoils that I could only hope for with all future fashion weeks. I’m still sifting through over a thousand photos from the New Zealand Fashion Week runways while recovering from an intensive week in New York City, but hold tight as I bring you some of the best coverage from fashion week down under.