the highroller

December 18, 2013

A little lust list for those high rollers in collaboration with the ultimate pre-owned luxury site, Portero.

The Highroller

Chanel Surfboard / Hermès Bracelet from Portero / Fujifilm x100 / Patek Philippe Watch from Portero / Chanel Bag from Portero / Balmain Boots / Smythson Jewelry Box / Narciso Rodriguez Perfume

Those days of when you’ve coveted a one-season run of a Louis Vuitton bag or missed out on a limited edition Cartier cuff is over. Introducing Portero, a pre-owned luxury site that offers the finest selection of lightly worn luxury goods. Browsing through the site I immediately bookmarked pieces that I’ve been eyeing on Barney’s and Elyse Walker, notably, a marked down Balenciaga Brogue Bag and a Chanel Pencil Case that would never be put to use, because why not? They also offer a huge selection on rare classics, including a comprehensive buying guide on what makes a classic, well, a classic. Portero also offers a “Find it for me” service, which allows their buying team to seek out for those “can’t believe I missed it” pieces that are out of stock or out of season. Let your search begin!