the big easy

August 20, 2008
Alas, I’m finally home from my 6 day trip to New Orleans, also known as the Big Easy. I stayed at the French Quarter in a gorgeous ritzy Parisian hotel known as Hotel Monteleone. Southern luxury living for six days and nights. I strolled through these streets with ‘Nantes’ stuck in my head, and only ate the finest Cajun French cuisine. I fell fast in love with the French Quarter and its entirety-from the food, architecture, the ambience of it all!

The view from my windowsillView from a gallery at an old plantation. Facing the Mississippi river.
And other roaming photos around town:Photo above was taken in the park momentarily before it started raining in Garden District. Garden District is an old-money sort of neighborhood with little hipster runoff stores like AA, Buffalo Exchange and other vintage shops. We ate a grandeur restaurant called Commander Palace which was recently rented off by Bush where he shared a meal with the President and prime minister of Mexico.
In Mississippi on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico. The sand was white as snow but the water was filthy and disgusting, so bad that people don’t even bother to visit the beach.