spring cleaning with the real real

March 24, 2015

One of my first jobs in school was interning as an assistant buyer, which eventually led me to a position as a buyer for a consignment store. Being a buyer disciplines you to become more mindful about your purchases. In training you are taught to assess a garment based on the style and brand, and after several seasons of trade shows and exposure to countless line sheets and sample racks, watching the influx of trends inevitably forces you to re-think about what is worth purchasing and keeping in your closet.

The second thing that working as a buyer taught me is the importance of spring cleaning. Gutting out your closet can be daunting at first, but rewarding once given a go. A seasonal cleaning keeps your wardrobe on rotation, so nothing that’s valuable is ever collecting dust in the back of your closet.  Let’s not forget that letting go of previously loved pieces has a silver lining. It’s an excuse to trade it in for a new bag that you’ve been eyeing.

This week I called in The Real Real to help me clean out my closet. Here’s a bit about the process below.

What did they choose to consign and why?

Most of the pieces I consigned were accessories or shoes I purchased online but didn’t fit me. They made for perfect consigning pieces because they were in like-new condition, and since they didn’t fit me I wasn’t too devastated over selling them.

Céline Clear Aviat0rs -$145
Was it hard or easy to consign certain items?
The easiest pieces to consign were designer labels like Chloe, Alexander Wang and Céline. Pieces that are a little bit more well-worn and older in season are the ones that were passed on.
Alice + Olivia Perspex Clutch-$125

What was positive about the experience?

The best part about consigning to The Real Real was how accommodating their service was. I set up an appointment with a luxury manager to meet me at my house to start the consignment process, which took about 20 minutes max.

Alexander Wang Sandals-$175

Has consigning with The RealReal changed your perspective on luxury consignment?
Consigning with The Real Real has made luxury consignment even more convenient for a consigner, and more accessible for a shopper. My only frustration with shopping consignment was how restrictive it was to come across some of the incredible finds when it often required the shopper to physically drop by a store. The Real Real ensures that a Celine heel in a 36 can be now mine in a moment’s click.

If you have some designer jeans sitting in your closet, I recommend giving The Real Real a shot. For those of you in LA, you can set up an appointment with Hannah who kindly helped me with my consignment. Find out more about consigning on the link here.