one and only wolgan valley

November 28, 2016

If the word Australia triggers a vision of tufted green grass sloped on a horizon as far as the eye can see, a backdrop of paint brush blue skies and a plethora of wildlife at every bend, then the One & Only Wolgan Valley Resort is for you. Tucked inside a valley inside the Blue Mountains, the One & Only Wolgan Valley resorts sits on a 7,000 acre property that serves as a luxury cabin and conservation property teeming with wildlife, particularly one of the Australian-variety. Mobs of kangaroos can be found bouncing along the property, as well as the fortuitous sighting of a shy yet charming wombat, and the birds – well let’s just say one sound bite in this resort is akin to something from a Disney movie.

From archery classes, horseback riding, and wildlife tours, if you’re a nature enthusiast, this is a place of repose that can easily make you rethink the city life. The pool and stunning spa facilities is a generous addition to the natural habitat that easily populates the property.

Photographed by Jonathan Hökklo at Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley booked via Smith Hotels