oh canada

January 2, 2009

Home at last! Montreal and Quebec was an eye-opening trip, and concludes my Franco-American trip. Europe and South America, your next. Montreal had amazing Boxing Day Sales everywhere from the 26th to when I left, and the Plateau and underground cities was really impressive. The Plateau was the Montreal version of a Melrose Avenue except the street was longer and the stores were much, much better. The people who live in Quebec fiercely protect their French roots, considering they pay immigrants 800$ to go to French school and whatnot, and the whole city was coveted in French. During New Year’s Eve a fire alarm came off at 4:30 and the whole hotel building was evacuated to the lobby. Apparently some famous Canadian guy was staying at the Hyatt since groups of girls, half with NYE outfits on / make up smeared to the side of their face and the other half barefoot in bathrobes were rounding up with their cameras at one of the guests. When I left Montreal, it was -19 degrees c. outside during the day, California overcast feels like a heatwave at the moment.

I got too lazy to upload the 400 photos taken, so I made collages instead :]