rooftop sessions

August 11, 2014

Nicole Miller Syracuse Silk Top / Paige Denim Shorts / Manolo Blahnik Heels

As we’re approaching pre-fall, the transition of seasons has me more conscious than ever about my wardrobe. I can’t deny that my personal style steers closer to the edgier end of a sartorial chart, but when it comes to color I stick to the safeties: black and white with the occasional muted gray or neutral.¬†Nicole Miller‘s latest Warrior collection has me reconsidering. The message behind the campaign is that you don’t have to wear a suit to feel strong, and I couldn’t agree more.¬†Featuring daring prints with bold cuts to match, instead of the usual monochrome I selected this forest green blouse to wear on a Sunday spent sneaking onto strangers’ fire escape. I love that the bold shade of green of this Nicole Miller blouse goes seamlessly with leather shorts and a fearless pair of grommet heels. You can check out the rest of my Nicole Miller picks over on Refinery 29.

Photos by Kristine Lopez.