modern classics

March 24, 2017

Perhaps the tall tale sign to indicate you’re truly a millennial is by extolling the virtues of minimalism. And with environmental consciousness at an all time high and the countless number of studies on the benefits of experiences vs. purchases, perhaps living in an age where less is more is not so bad after all. Leave it to Dieter Rams and Mies van der Rohe to pioneer a lifestyle movement driven by the quality, durability, and functionality of our spaces and objects.

To echo their sentiment, I present to you three modern labels I love that have nailed a contemporary take on what it means to be a classic brand in our current ecosystem. From the insouciant, timelessness of the Row (I still marvel over how every piece in their Holiday video from 2007 still remains relevant and wearable), to the structural uniform pieces by Lemaire, and lastly, the exquisite and elevated collection by Protagonist. Hope you enjoy this spring shopping edit from three labels that are more than just garments, but rather great investments.
Luminous silk and braided leather by The Row

Cream hues and simple pleating by Lemaire

Slinky Slips at Protagonist