les playground

February 5, 2014

 H&m Paris Mohair Turtleneck / Reformation Storm Skirt / Alice & Olivia Boots / Chanel Bag from Bella Bags

New York City is as much grit as it is glamour, and this week James and I ran around the city in an attempt to capture the 20 something spirit of living in Manhattan–opting for beaten side streets, dive bars, and indulging in the diversity of food, culture and ethnicities that have made this city their home. My main mission in shooting this photo story was to avoid tourist attractions at all cost…after all, with the influx of out of town visitors coming to New York this week, the Central Park, Soho Street and Empire State building point of view becomes repetitive, and as a viewer myself I’ve never felt that these destinations felt as intimate as the sullen side streets and colorful clamor of neighborhoods that makes New York City such a unique landscape. For the next six days I’m excited to share with you this photo story I collaborated with James completely free of frills and lace. Nothing decadent or contrived, much like the streets of the Lower East Side. 

Photos by James Nord