italian summers

July 27, 2016

There’s no place like Italy in the summer. With an illustrious, storied coastline, a deeply-rooted pride in local cuisine and a cultural attitude for “la dolce vita”, it’s no wonder why this pasta-producing country entices travelers like me to take a bite of the good life. Last month I traveled to Italy for two weeks, starting my journey in Sicile for Giorgio Armani, shortly after roved over to Capri to meet my family before embarking on a road trip through Amalfi Coast. Our last stop was Rome: The walk of fame equivalent to ancient architecture. Let’s revisit, shall we?
The island of Taormina, where we spent 3 days experiencing the landscape that inspired Giorgio Armani’s fragrances.

Boated through the islands and took a stop between the Lovers caves.

Exploring Rome’s sherbert-hued alley ways and side streets. 
Capri from above. 
Exploring Positano’s hilly street in heels – note to self, not the best idea.
Took a boat ride through dusk from Capri to Positano.
A map of Anacapri, the hillside hood overlooking Capri town.
Dusk in Taormina, Sicile. Walking through the cobble stone streets of Naple’s Ancient Ruins.