into the woods

September 19, 2012

“They filmed Lord of the Rings here,” were one of top things I overheard during my stay in New Zealand. I’ve never watched Lord of the Rings to be able understand what this meant or why it was important…that is, until I witnessed the surreal and mystical elements of what New Zealand nature has to offer. On the last day of my Kiwi adventures, I pulled together some Ruby pieces I borrowed from the showroom in lieu of collaborating with Foureyes. Foureyes is New Zealand’s leading street style blog composed by the talented Alex, Chin, Danny and Mino–each of whom I had spent the previous night dancing away during the Huffer party. I’m only noting the latter because I’m amazed at how we all were able to pull ourselves together for a 7 am wake up call only hours before these photos were taken.  Given the opportunity to return, I may spend a few more days hanging out around all those beautiful trees. Heck, I’ll even drive out to Wellington. Thank you to the Foureyes boys for shooting these!

Dress by Ruby. Photos by Alex of Foureyes.