hawaiian coconut

May 17, 2013

Constantly searching for new content and inspiration for a blog can be exhausting. But once in awhile I’ll run into a few gems, like Emily Faulstich’s photo diary titled Hawaiian Coconut. Her diary is filled with sunsets of sleepy coastal towns, the looming shadows of palm trees at dusk and her artful collection of vintage perfume bottles and pink slip wardrobe. What draws me most about Emily’s blog is how much of these captured moments feel so intimate. It’s as if she’s capturing slices of these private moments when we wake up moments before landing and find ourselves sky high at sunrise, or when you’re walking around a new town for the first time and see everything with a pair of fresh eyes. It’s the type of blog that makes me appreciate the internet again, in the way that you can be captivated by someone else’s world through a series of photographs. 

All photos by Emily Faulstich.