November 17, 2015

Thought I’d share what I stow away in my toiletries bag.¬†Not a lot has changed since my last beauty haul, but it is a testament of how much I love Skin Inc and Kate Somerville’s products that I’ find myself re-stocking the moment I notice the receding tubes. Here are some favorites that are carry-on friendly, and all you really need for a quick getaway.
Skin Inc Deep Sea Mask-A light gel-like residue that you can apply for 30 minutes or leave on overnight. I always apply a coat before a red eye to keep my skin hydrated.
Kate Somerville Exfolikate-A great travel size exfoliator with tiny micro beads that cleans inside your pores.
Skin Inc Blended Serum-A hydrating serum blended with different vitamins that targets my dry skin.
Glossier Boy Brow-Not exactly a skin care product, but my favorite brow mascara that gives me the thick 80’s brows I’ve always coveted
Bioderma Crealine BB Cream – A great BB cream that I mix in with moisturizer
La Mer – A small dose goes a long way with La Mer, and I’m always surprised by how much coverage I get with a pea-sized amount
Kate Somerville Daily Deflector Moisturizer – My favorite daily moisturizer that I wear underneath my make up, usually mixing with Bioderma’s BB Cream to soften the foundation.