case study by pierre koenig

October 22, 2013

A Wednesday afternoon spent in good company. Just the night before Rich and I shared a toast to the Sunset strip view from the balconies at the Chateau Marmont, giddy from social momentum, only to later laugh over our night view of billboards and West Hollywood traffic when we stood above and beyond the rooftops of the hotel the following afternoon. Although this was my second trip to the Stahl House, this visit was no less extraordinary than the first, especially since we had the house to ourselves with the backdrop of the setting sun. There are so many beautiful places in Los Angeles that are often overlooked and cast aside from the normal tourist attractions. Having gone from seeing New York as my end goal in life, a series of self discoveries earlier this summer had forced me to see my home in a new light, and piqued a curiosity to explore what this strange place has to offer. I’m not the type to fight where the wind will take me, but while I’m grounded here I’m happy to share some of my favorite sights with people whose work I admire. Especially with friends with the same flair for adventure. 

Photos by James Nord