July 11, 2013

Vanessa Mooney Luminescence Earrings & Indica Cuff / Shareen Vintage Bralette & Skirt / Zara Platforms / Brahmin Bag courtesy of Vogue

It seems that my closet had been gearing up for a Mexico trip far before the plans were even made, since evidently the packing process was heavily themed with all my new and old acquisitions coming together to make every back drop go seamlessly with all my two-piece dresses. Two months ago I went on a mission to search for a bralette and skirt combination to go with an impulse purchase I made with these high heeled Zara platforms. Since my options were limited in far too basic options or way too expensive to justify, I ditched plans to overspend and took a trip to Shareen’s. What I ended up copping is this folk floral two piece dress akin to a Dolce & Gabanna summer collection that I had always loved and coveted. The best part is, Shareen’s sewing team can turn everything from tents into tiny crop top combinations, and this number was custom made right on the floor.