best of basel

December 8, 2015

Design Miami‘s entry pavilion: a structure titled #Unbuilt by Harvard Graduate School of Design.
art basel miami 2015“We Like the Dawn” Light series by Sabine Marcelis from Victor Hunt Gallery.
art basel miami 2015
This is “El Sol”, a Swarovski encrusted masterpiece scaled to one billionth of the size of the sun. art basel miami 2015
Untitled, a textural painting by Secundino Hernandez.
art basel miami 2015
Giovanni Beltran‘s booth at Design Miamiart basel miami 2015Dannielle Tegeder‘s installation at Untitled Art Fair, from Carrie Secrist Gallery.

With everything happening in the world at the moment, I’ve found that art is more important now than ever before, and is crucial to maintain for some level of sanity when our mass media begins to resemble Nightcrawler’s style of journalism.

At this year’s Art Basel, I found that the exhibits were optimistic as ever, with a consistent trend of bright palettes across the show-a well intentioned response to a bleak and unknown future. And despite a symbolic and unexpected torrential downpour that weighed in on South Beach, it did not stop people from celebrating. The human desire for beauty couldn’t be more relevant now, and it’s those qualities we seek when we’re looking at art. Whether it’s a reflection prompted by an Anish Kapoor surface or the calm and order of a Mondrian painting, art as therapy offers a relief if not a momentary escape from a less than perfect world.