arts district

March 31, 2014

Commes des Garcon Shirt / Frame Denim Jeans / Timberland Leather Shopping Bag & Boat Shoes

For the second installment of my Timberland Mark Makers campaign, the team and I ventured a few streets south to the Arts District, a neighborhood laying in the outskirt of downtown. Since most of the apparel industry’s manufacturing and design headquarters are stationed in this neighborhood, often you’ll find me on my way to lunch in the Arts District more frequently than the cafes a few feet away from my loft. Wurstkuche is one of the first restaurants established in this neighborhood, and still continues to be a local favorite. Their exposed brick wall exterior and beer hall interior is a staple for a casual meal that requires your hands. But be forewarned…Friday nights have notoriously long waits and you can skip the line by coming in the afternoon instead. 

Photos by Thomas Hoeffgen, Styled by Tiffani Rae, Hair and Make Up by Katey Denmo from The Wall Group.