art basel x persol cellor

December 30, 2015

Best of Basel: Revisiting a trip to Miami with Persol – here’s a few of my favorite moments I caught behind the lens.

1. Basel is always an opportunity to stock up on the abundance of culture + art magazines available through out the show. / 2. The opening pavilion of Design Miami included a piece titled ‘Unbuilt’ created by Harvard Graduate School of Design / 3. Bright neon lights at Victor Hunt Gallery / 4. A self-reflective Glass Palms installation at Art Basel Convention Center / 5. A Scarface moment wearing white-on-white and a pop of Persol Cellor / 6. Jamie XX’s next album cover / 7. The best game of pool in South Beach at Edition Hotels / 8. A moment of calm in South Beach / 9. Foggy boat rides in Miami Harbour in Persol / 10. This is not a Calder rug found at Untitled Art Fair