a nineties reference

September 16, 2012

Ray Ban Aviators / Gypsy Junkies Alex Dress / Chanel Matryoshka Doll / Gucci Heels

I’ve been searching for a simple, skinny black dress with all the right nineties reference, and so when I found this one at the Gypsy Junkies booth during Magic Tradeshow, I knew I had to pull it for fashion week (activities). The dress is not available until Spring 2013, however that won’t stop me from seeking out more lookalikes in the mean time. I ended up wearing this out to the Socialyte Gala¬†a few nights ago at The Darby with some notable statement accessories: A porcelain Russian doll, costume jewelry, and burgundy brown lipstick. Christy Turlington, eat your heart out. On another note, I’m finally back home in good old Los Angeles. Massive updates, coming up very shortly!