a year through instagram

December 31, 2012

The year I became too lazy to use my SLR.

2012: The year anticipated by the Mayan Calendar, is the year I moved out of my parent’s house, traveled over 20 domestic and international flights for sponsored work, purchased myself a new car, worked under wraps on two design collaborations and as a head wardrobe stylist for a production series coming out this spring, spoke as a Social Media Influencer for Teen Vogue at Magic Tradeshow two seasons in a row, turned down my first salary job to continue my so-called college education, all while having a few breakdowns along the way. To say that my so called life has been drastically different than last year’s would be an understatement.

When I turned 18, I never really felt the emotional rope of adulthood set in until this year. In short, I went through what they call “the quarter-life crisis”, but in the natural order of things mine came a few years premature. Perhaps this may have been triggered by only recently losing the steady pace of high school and living at home with Mom and Dad, but in pursuit of trying to figure out who I am, what I love, and trying to translate what I do into a degree had become completely harrowing, all while teetering through the financial stability that comes with freelancing. Currently living under “feast or famine”, I learned two things: Freedom comes with a literal cost, and nothing worth having comes along easily.

I sometimes overemphasize on this blog on the opportunities I’ve been able to receive from it. Surely, my feats are not as exciting as many other note-worthy bloggers who can make a six-figure salary, nor am I even in a position to decline first class seats and Prada bugs– but true to form of how this blog was created, I had and have maintained zero expectations in what to receive from it. No expectations on material gains, and certainly no pursuit in virtual fame. So all in all, 2012 was important as it had been a huge turning point for me. I was able to take part in opportunities that I never in a million years I would have thought experience, and for that I’ll always be grateful.

As 2013 approaches and the projects I’ve worked this year are finally coming into fruition, all I can hope is that 2013 will bring in a little bit more certainty in this strange time of my life. More importantly, thank you all for your readership, comments, and e-mails, which is what makes “personal style blogging” a little bit more personal. It’s all those moments where I meet an excited new reader or read a genuinely thought out e-mail that makes this blog less about me, and more about the people I get to reach with words and shared moments. See you all again in 2013!